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People Who Helped Me With My Website

I am so grateful for being around people who are helpful and supportive. Since I graduate from college, I knew that I have always wanted to set up my own business. Of course, setting up a business also means building a website for it. It would be so weird not to have a website nowadays. When my brother learned that I need a website, he immediately offered his services to me. He is an expert in web design and SEO analysis, so I am so grateful that he was at home during this time. He is a freelancer and he is used to go to different places when it comes to work. He visits clients, looks for prospective clients from different parts of the city. There are some times wherein he has to stay out-of-town to get some things done. I realized, being in a computer-related business entails not getting enough sleep. 

Sometimes, he stays with his geeky friends to create projects and stuffs pertaining to SEO. I am really grateful to my brother and I am so pleased that he is willing to use his skills to help me in pursuing my dream! Another important person who helped me is my best friend, Anne, who is a blogger who gets tons of visits every single day. You can call her a famous blogger because she is very fashionable and a lot of girls go to her website to see her outfits. It's amazing that she earns money all because of how she wears her clothes. I am so proud of her. Thankfully, she offered to promote my website on her blog and now I am getting visitors coming from her blog. It really helped me increase the traffic in my site.  Free advertisements and free SEO analysis, what more could I ask for?

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